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Your Guide to Core

Core is a simple drag & drop portal used to translate content with minimal features. This article includes the information you need in getting started with your Smartling Core account once it has been set up.

Account Set-up

In preparation, you should assemble the following details and assets for your Smartling team  to configure in your account:


Your team is all the users you want to add to your Core account to be able to request translations. If you need to update these over time, you can contact Smartling Support to add new users. We recommend that once you have activated your profile, you should enable notification preferences. At any time, you can update your profile in Smartling.


A Smartling Project is essentially a folder of work that contains one or more Jobs. There are several types of projects, which are divided based on the type of content you want to translate. You may want to create different projects if you have separate teams or departments and would like to keep their access only relevant to their team’s requests.


A translation memory is a collection of all of your previous translations (source and target content). By default, your Smartling account will start with a blank memory, and will build up as soon as your first translation is saved by SLS. If you have a translation memory from another service that you wish to import to Smartling, you can send the TMX or resource file to your Customer Success Manager to import and leverage in your Smartling account.


Smartling will configure your chosen source language and pairing target languages to your account during onboarding. If you require additional languages added to your account later, reach out to your Smartling representative.


A workflow is a sequence of steps through which content passes and is translated from Authorization to Published. Workflows are instrumental to the speed and quality in which your content is translated. Content is translated by Smartling Language Services (SLS) via a pre-configured workflow. Choose one of the following step sequences:

  • Translation to Published
  • Translations + Editing to Published

File types

Here is a list of the most commonly used  for translation in your Core account:

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