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This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

The Smartling SAP Hybris connector allows you to translate Hybris content in Smartling. Translations are requested from within SAP Hybris, and translated content is sent back to your environment.

The connector supports translation of Product Cockpit and CMS Cockpit content.

Once you've installed and configured the Hybris Connector, you can begin submitting content for translation to Smartling.

Request Translations

  1. From the Product Cockpit or CMS Cockpit, select one or more products or CMS pages. To easily select multiple items, switch to the list view and use Shift + Click.
  2. Click the Send for Translation icon.
  3. Select the languages for translation, then click Done.

Download Translations to Hybris

  1. Navigate to the Smartling Submissions Board. This is a list, showing all items that have been sent to Smartling for translation, displaying translation progress for each item/locale.
  2. Select one or more items. Note that each item has one entry per locale. For example, if a product is sent for translation in Russian, German and Chinese, it will have three entries in the Smartling Submissions Board.
  3. Click Download Translations.

Depending on your chosen settings, Hybris may download only items with published translations, or it may download pending or pseudo translations for items where there is no published translation.

You can also download translations for any individual item by clicking Download Translations in the edit window.


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