Getting Started With Smartling

Getting Started for Linguists and Proofreaders

This article is for Translators, Editors, and Reviewers.

Below are some key topics to help you get started with navigating Smartling.

Overview of Smartling Workflow

Smartling is a web-based translation management company that makes it quick and easy for translation teams to deliver localized content with high quality.

At a high level, this is how Smartling works: Once content from a file or website is uploaded into Smartling, the Account Owner or Project Manager authorizes content for translation, which triggers the translation process that is performed by a translation agency or a freelance Translator. Depending on how the workflow is set up, the translated content may go through an editing and internal review process before the content is published. flow.png

  • Translators: You'll receive an email notification that there's content ready for you to translate. After you save and submit your strings, if the workflow was set up by the Account Owner or Project Manager such that the content goes through an editing process, the Editor will receive a notification that there's content ready for editing.
  • Editors: You have the option to edit, submit, or reject strings. If content needs to be reworked, you can reject content, which will be sent back to the Translator along with any comments you may have. If the content is fine, you can submit it to the next step in the workflow, which is likely an internal Reviewer of the client.
  • Reviewers: You're the last set of eyes before the content goes live in its localized version. Your role is to focus on the translated content for consistency, quality, and brand alignment. You have the option to edit, submit, reject, or publish strings. If you reject a string, it will be sent back to the person in the previous workflow step. 

User Roles

Translation resources are comprised of Translators, Editors, and Reviewers. Consult the User Roles page for a description of your role and permissions.

Login and View Assigned Work

For more information, see the Sign in to Smartling page.

For Translators and Editors, see View Assigned Work.

For Reviewers, see Access Content for Review.

Access the CAT Tool

To gain a better understanding of the the computer-aided (CAT) tool, see CAT Tool Overview.

For Translators and Editors, see Save and Submit Translations.

For Reviewers, see Proofread Translations.

Word Count Reports

To view the report of your completed work, see the Word Count Report.

Profile Settings and Project Notifications

See Update Profile and Change Notification Settings.


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