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Marketo Connector Request Translations

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

The Smartling Marketo connector allows you to translate Marketo content with context. Translations are requested from within the Smartling platform, and translated content is automatically sent to your Marketo instance.

The connector supports translation of emails, landing pages, forms, programs and snippets.

Supported assets must be created in Marketo using a predefined template. If a template is not used, you will not be able to submit the content to Smartling for translation.

Request Translations

Once you have linked your Marketo account, your Marketo content will be displayed in Smartling. From here, you can choose which content to translate:

  1. From within your Smartling Marketo Project, click on Marketo > Translate Content.
  2. Click the down arrow at the top of the screen to toggle between supported asset categories
  3. Once in your desired Marketo content area, select individual or all items that you wish to translate.
  4. Click Request Translation.
  5. Choose the languages you'd like to translate to or use the Select All checkbox to translate to all languages available in your project.
  6. Click Request Translation.

By default, the Marketo connector is configured to send your translation requests to your authorization queue. You will need to authorize the content to send it to your Translation Resources.

Contact Smartling Support to enable Marketo content to be automatically authorized into the Default Workflow for each selected language.

Check Status of Translations

Status of your Marketo translation requests can be tracked in the Translation Progress tab:

  1. From within your Smartling Marketo Project, click Marketo > Translation Progress.
  2. Translation completion is indicated as a percent next to each article.

Download Translations to Marketo

Once translation is completed for a given asset, by default, the translations are automatically sent to your Marketo instance every 3-hours.

To initiate a manual download of translated content to Marketo:

  1. From within your Smartling Marketo Project, click Marketo > Translation Progress.
  2. Select individual items using the checkbox next to the item name. Select all items from the list by using the checkbox next to the Title field.
  3. Click Export to Marketo.

You can find your translated content in your Marketo instance. The locale code will be appended to translated asset.

The original source asset must be available in the same location from where the translation was requested for the connector to successfully create the translated version in your Marketo instance.


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