Submitting & Retrieving Content

Web Pages Using the Global Delivery Network

Account Owners and Project Managers can use this feature. Available in the Enterprise plan.

To translate and review content within a Global Delivery Network (GDN) project, content must first be captured from the source site. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Manually view the language URL.
  2. Use a web crawler to automatically browse the pages to be translated.

Smartling limits the capture of content via the Global Delivery Network to 10,000 strings at a time.

Manual Content Capture

  1. Go to Projects (select the GDN project) > Global Delivery Network > Domains.
  2. Select the domain and language you would like to capture.
  3. Select Translate in context to launch your site.
  4. Within the Smartling CAT tool, browse all pages that require translation.

Smartling will capture this content and display it under Content > Translations > Awaiting Authorization.

Web Crawler Content Capture

A web crawler can automatically browse pages that contain content for translation. Some web crawler tools can access authenticated/password protected pages but are unable to capture content that requires user interactions via submission.

Once content is captured, it must be authorized for translation for it to remain within Smartling.

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