Submitting & Retrieving Content

Web Pages Using the Global Delivery Network

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

To translate and review content within a Global Delivery Network (GDN) project, content must first be captured. This can be done in 3 different ways:

  1. Manually. Visit a page on your localized website to trigger the content capture process. If you support multiple languages, you only need to visit one version of a localized page to trigger content capture.
  2. Automatically. Use a web crawler to browse a localized website to trigger content capture
  3. In Dashboard. You can add a string of content for translation directly in the Authorization Queue

Smartling limits the capture of content via the Global Delivery Network to 10,000 strings at a time.

Manual Content Capture

If you know the URL for one of your localized website, type this into your browser. If you do not know your localized URL, you can access them in the Smartling platform:

  1. Go to Projects (select the GDN project) > Global Delivery Network > Domains.
  2. Select the domain and language you would like to capture.
  3. Select Translate in context to launch your site.
  4. Within the Smartling CAT tool, browse all pages that require translation.

Smartling will capture this content and display it under Content > Translations > Awaiting Authorization.

Web Crawler Content Capture

A web crawler can automatically browse pages that contain content for translation. Some web crawler tools can access authenticated/password protected pages but are unable to capture content that requires user interactions via submission. Learn more about using a web crawler.

In Dashboard Content Capture

It is recommended to capture content using the methods outlined above to ensure the source content and format is represented in Smartling exactly as it appears on your source site. For cases where the string you need to translate does not yet exist on a webpage for capture, you can add a string manually in the Authorization queue:

  1. Go to Translations > Awaiting Authorization
  2. Click + Add a String
  3. Type the text of the string you need translated in the text box. The text box does support inline markup, such as <br>.The text and markup of the string must match exactly with what is published to your source site in order for the translation to be matched and served to end users.
  4. Click Add
  5. Authorize the string for translation

Once this string is translated, and the matching source string is published to your source site, the translation can be served on your translated site. 

Strings that were added manually using the In Dashboard feature, can be located by searching for URL path /Strings.


  • Strings added via the In Dashboard method will not have context.
  • The manually added string format must match exactly to what is on your source site in order for the translation to be matched and served by the GDN.

Once content is captured, it must be authorized within 4 days of capture for it to remain within Smartling, unless it was added using the In Dashboard feature. If it has been more than 4 days, you may need to re-browse the page.

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