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Exclude Content from Translation

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

At times, there may be content captured from a webpage or file that you don't want to translate. For these cases, you can exclude individual pieces of content from being translated. 

This feature is useful for excluding content like email addresses, proper names, company names, addresses, trademarked terms, etc. from being translated.

The following behaviors apply when you Exclude content:

  • Content will not enter the translation workflow, so you do not incur translation costs.
  • Excluded content will appear untranslated in your translated file or webpage - it will not be removed.
  • Excluded content will remain excluded until you authorize the content (Content > Translations > Excluded). If you don't want to add a string to your permanent exclusion list, delete the string instead via the Actions menu. 
  • Exclusions apply on the string level. If you upload a new file with a string that has already been excluded, you will need to exclude the new instance of the string, unless your project is configured to share strings or you are using the Global Delivery Network.

Exclude Content From the List View

Content that has already been captured can be excluded in the Smartling Dashboard at any time:

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Content > Translations.
  2. From the drop down menu near the top left of the page, select Awaiting Authorization.
  3. Select individual content using the checkbox next to each string. Use the checkbox next to the Actions menu to select strings in bulk.
  4. Click Actions > Exclude from Translation.

Advanced Content Exclusion

You can pre-format your file or source code to instruct Smartling to exclude content for translation as content is captured. Strategies to do this depend on your content type and/or solution:


Global Delivery Network

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