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This article is for Translators and Editors.

Style Guide

A style guide is a collection of preferences for content formatting, writing tone, and style provided by your customer to ensure that end users have a consistent experience across all languages. The style guide explains punctuation, spelling, formatting, adaptations, and language-specific preferences or errors to avoid, as well as making sure that translations are accurate and consistent.

To access the style guide, go to the CAT tool and click on the Style Guide link from within the Additional Details panel near the top right of your page. (If it's the first time accessing the CAT tool, you'll be presented with a pop-up window displaying the style guide.)


A glossary is a list of key terms and instructions on how to handle them.

In the CAT tool, a glossary term is marked by a dotted line in the source string.

  1. Hover over the glossary term to view the definition and translation instructions. 
  2. To search for a specific glossary term, click Search Glossary, type the term in the search bar, then press Enter.

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