Claim a Job

This article is for Translators and Editors.

If the Allow Claiming feature has been enabled by your customer, you'll receive an email notification when there is a job that can be claimed. This allows you to claim available content rather than waiting for work to be assigned to you. 

To claim a job:

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Content (Summary) > Jobs Available for Claiming. You will see a list of jobs available for claiming.
  2. Click Claim. You'll have the option to claim a portion, or the entire job.a3d8217-claim.png
  3. To claim all the words in a job, click Claim All. To claim only a certain number of words, enter a number in the Indicate Word Count to Claim field.
  4. Click Submit for Adjustment, then click Claim.274e1b5-claim_content.png
  5. If you accidentally claim a job, or can no longer work on it, you can release it by clicking Unclaim.3bfafa5-unclaim.png
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