Managing the Translation Process

Managing Updates to Source Content

Smartling makes it easy to handle updates to previously translated assets as your source content changes over time.

Change Detection

If source content already lives in Smartling (i.e. the URL was captured via the GDN, the content was submitted through a connector, or the file with the same name was previously uploaded), new and changed content submitted to Smartling will automatically be compared with previous versions. By default, only new or changed content will be presented to send through the translation workflow.

Consult your Solutions Architect to ensure your integration's change detection configuration is as desired.

File Versioning 

If you re-upload your source file under the same namespace, Smartling will share strings with previous versions and only create strings for new or changed content.

If you re-upload a source file with a new namespace, all new strings will be created. However, if SmartMatch settings are configured to publish 100% matches with variants, only new and changed content will be added to the workflow once the strings are authorized.

Once new and changed strings are published, you can download the translated versions of the file, or the API automation and repository connector will send the files back to you. 

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