Managing Translation Projects

Track Progress of a Job

This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

After a job is authorized, the content will progress through your selected workflow. Use the Jobs tab to easily track the progress of your job by overall status and by language. If you are not using Jobs, track the status of your translation requests from the Workflow Summary screen.

Track Job Status

To view the overall status of your job:

  1. Go to Projects (select a project) > Content > Jobs. Jobs are listed in descending order by created date. Status is indicated in the Status column.
  2. Hover over the Progress bar to see progress by workflow step.

Change the job sorting order by clicking on Due Date or Created On headings. Use the Filter by Status checkboxes to narrow your view to jobs in a particular status, or use the Keyword search box to locate a job by Job Name.

Job Statuses:

  • Awaiting Authorization: Job is created, but not all content has been authorized to enter the translation workflow.
  • In Progress: One or more strings in the job has not reached the published state.
  • Completed: All contents in the job have reached the published state.
  • Cancelled: Job was stopped. Content that did not reach published state was un-authorized.
  • Closed: Job is no longer in use. It cannot be edited and all contents have been removed from the job.

Track Progress by Language

To view progress by language in your Job:

  1. From within the Jobs tab, click on a job name.
  2. Progress by language is indicated in the Languages section.
  3. Hover over a Progress bar to see the word count in each workflow step for a given language.


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