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Assign Content to Linguists (Classic)

This article is for Agency Account Owners and Translation Resource Managers.

The content assignment feature allows you to allocate work to specific linguists. This is helpful for large or time-sensitive jobs where multiple translators or editors may be working on a given language, and you need to divide up the work amongst the resources.

To assign content:

  1. Go to Projects Dashboard (select a project) > Content > Translations.
  2. At the top of the page, make sure that the content filter is set to In Progress.
  3. Click the Select a status drop down menu and select Pending Assignment.
  4. To assign an individual string, select the string and click Assign.
    To assign all content in a workflow step, filter for that workflow step and click Actions > Assign All. This will assign all content in the workflow step to a maximum of 5000 strings.
  5. Click Assign. Smartling automatically assigns the strings to the Translation Resources who will then receive an email notification.

If you are not seeing the Assign button, contact your client to enable this feature.

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