Methods for Capturing Visual Context

Google Chrome Extension

 This article is for Account Owners and Project Managers.

Visual context helps Translators make linguistic decisions based on where a term appears on your website. It also allows them to account for layout and space restrictions in their translations. Smartling's Google Chrome Extension can capture visual context from your website and automatically make that context available during translation.

To use the Smartling Context Capture Chrome Extension, to capture context from webpages, follow these steps:

  1. Once the extension is installed, you should have the Smartling Context Capture icon in your browser toolbar.
  2. Click the icon and wait a moment. A snapshot of the page will be generated and you will see a Smartling banner at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Click here to login button. The Sign in to Smartling dialog box will appear.
  4. Once you login, click the drop-down and select the project you wish to send context to.
  5. Click Send. A status screen with additional information, including the number of strings that were updated with context, will appear.

Google Chrome has a Keyboard Shortcut feature that allows you to set up shortcuts for Chrome browser extensions.  This is useful if you have drop-down hover menus on your site, so that you can set up a keyboard shortcut to be able to capture context for that content. To set a shortcut, right-click the Smartling Context Capture icon > Manage Extensions. Click the Keyboard Shortcuts link to add your shortcut to the Smartling Context Capture field. Hold down CTRL, ALT, or Command + the key (letter) you wish to use for your shortcut.

In most cases, visual context is captured automatically with content coming from the Global Delivery Network (GDN). In some cases, the GDN is not able to capture visual context automatically, for example:

  • If you have a web application.
  • Strings that are coming from JavaScript, JSON, or AJAX.
  • Content that appears based on user interaction (i.e., filling out a form or logging in).

The Google Chrome Extension is scriptable, allowing you to automatically capture context as your website changes. Read the developer guide for more information.

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